Meet the Team

Simon Twose

Drawings / Spatial Modelling 

Architect / Senior Lecturer at the School of Architecture, Victoria University of Wellington. Research focuses on experimental design research practice, crossings and transferences between drawing and building.

Jules Moloney

Virtual Environments

Professor of Architecture and Interdisciplinary design , Deakin University. Research, creative practice and teaching span the fields of architecture, kinetic art, videogames and virtual environments.

Lawrence Harvey

Spatial Sound

Associate Professor in the School of Design, RMIT University and  Director of SIAL Sound Studios. Research in spatial sound composition and performance and urban soundscape studies.

Anastasia Globa

Computer Visualization /Virtual Environments 

Research Fellow / Architecture at Deakin University. Research interests include: parametric design, algorithmic modelling, mixed realities, computer visualisations.

Jesse Simpson

Programming / Development

Associate Research Fellow in Interdisciplinary Design , Deakin University. Research interests include: procedural generation, mixed realities, system design, modular tool development, machine learning.

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