Canyon is a work by Simon Twose, Jules Moloney and Lawrence Harvey that is part of a group show of invited international architects at the Palazzo Bembo, in a collateral exhibition in the XVI Venice Biennale, 2018, entitled "TIME-SPACE-EXISTENCE”



Canyon is a project in experimental drawing; it distils architectural ideas from the dynamic submarine landscape of Kaikōura Canyon, Aoteroa, New Zealand. The canyon landscape has unimaginable mass and scale, with water kilometres deep; it is figured by seismic jolts, turbid flows, pressures and intensities. Canyon imaginatively projects into this unseen marine landscape, distilling its ominous scale and power through evocative graphite sketches, soundscapes and the canyon-like boundless-ness of virtual reality(VR).



In the Canyon installation, visitors are confronted by a 40M long paper drawing, crumpled into the tiny exhibition space. On moving through the paper landscape, small screens allow glimpses into a virtual canyon, composed of abstracted sketches. A soundscape of shifting sound intensities accompanies the spectator's movements. The three modes: analogue drawing, VR and sound create an inhabitable drawing that projects the visitor into the vast atmosphere of the Kaikōura Canyon submarine landscape.


Canyon presents the design media research of Simon Twose, Jules Moloney and Lawrence Harvey. The project contributes to research into architectural drawing and architecture's relation to landscape: in Canyon, drawing is expanded as a hybrid medium, able to distil poetic knowledge through analogue, digital and sensory platforms; and the marine landscape, as a poetic drawn through this hybrid technique, is presented as a powerful and enduring architecture.